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WINTER 2018 | Dates | Photo Album

Happy New Year!

I am grateful to have lots of concerts to look forward to in 2018 with many fine musician friends. I'll be in Southern Ontario in January and early February; joining west coast pals "The Reid Jamieson Band" and my long-time collaborator, David Woodhead's project "The Confabulation" who have a new CD out - "Tunnels and Visions".

From February to April I will be touring from coast-to-coast with The Jim Cuddy Band , celebrating 20 years of music-making and the release of a new CD, "Constellations". Master songsmith Barney Bentall  will be opening for us, presenting his new CD, "The Drifter and the Preacher" with Jim's sons, Devin Cuddy  and Sam Polley  sharing the stage.

Thanks to Peter Reid for the above photo he took at Burdock on Oct. 1, 2017. Peter was a medical photographer at Sick Children's Hospital in Toronto where my father worked as a paediatric plastic surgeon. Here's is a link to an illuminating obituary about my father, Dr. W. K. Lindsay, written by Dr. Ron Zucker:

Best wishes for health and happiness in the year ahead,

SPRING/SUMMER 2017 | Dates | Photo Album


Greetings to all and I hope you are out enjoying this beautiful spring weather. Super excited for this TORONTO SHOW with my new trio, Lindsay/ Woodhead/James. Great venue with delicious food, craft beers, and great music!Anne Lindsay, David Woodhead, and Charles James join musical forces for one night at the Burdock – each bringing a lot to the table so their collective cup runneth over with adventures, tuning their collective radio to interpret traditional, jazz and classical sources in a fine-tuned blend of original compositions and unlikely adaptations.

Also off to play Mariposa Festival, with my own set plus joining good friends The Reid Jamieson Band for a tribute to Leonard Cohen.


FALL 2016 | Dates | Photo Album

I am super excited for my upcoming workshops and performance in Robert's Creek and Gibsons, BC with the awesome fiddle group Bad To The Bow. Check them out and on Facebook.

Sunday, November 6 I will be at The Free Times Cafe, Toronto, ON With Ian Tamblyn and Rebecca Campbell.

This fall I will be travelling across the country for the Gold Medal Plates Canadian Culinary Championships. These fundraisers for Olympic athletes are tons of fun and there will be an all-star cast of performers. Jim Cuddy, Barney Bentall, Ed Robertson, Alan Doyle, Danny Michel, Devin Cuddy and Kendel Carson, Check the website below for the line up of musicians, chefs and athletes in each city.

Summer 2016 | Dates | Photo Album


While I write this, many of you across the country are experiencing an intense heat wave. There is no exception here in Toronto, so imagine how odd it seemed to be packing a suitcase full of long underwear, winter gloves, hat and jacket this morning.

You might well ask - where is she going?
Well, to make a long story short, for the next two weeks, I will be a musical host on an Adventure Canada expedition to Greenland, Baffin Island and Northern Quebec. Some of you are already aware of my interest in northern climes and culture. The landscape, the people, northern music and culture are a wellspring of creativity and curiosity for me. I am very excited to be heading north, once again. Adventure Canada has stacked this trip with experts in all aspects of the Arctic, scientific and cultural. I am eager to lend my musical expressions and garner inspiration from the overall experience.

Apologies for the short notice but if I get asked back next year maybe some of you would like to come along ....
Here is a link to more information on the "Heart of the Arctic" trip as well as some of my upcoming shows when I return to Southern Ontario.

Adventure Canada's Heart of the Arctic Expedition:
As always, I am grateful for your support and encouragement,



Fall 2015 | Dates | Photo Album


Wed Oct 21, 2015
@ 7:30pm

Anne Lindsay SOLOWORKS
United Church

10025 101 Street
Edmonton, AB
Tickets: $20/ $15


Winter 2015 | Dates | Photo Album

My new CD - SOLOWORKS is Completed!

Music takes me far and wide, from north of the Arctic Circle to the Cape of Good Hope, through India, Europe, Central America and back and forth across Canada, this amazingly big, beautiful country of ours. My violin is always there with me. We play, dance and sing together through grief, loss, laughter, joy and wonder.

Along the way these tunes were born - thirteen pieces to be played by one player. SOLOWORKS is the offspring of my journeys, self discovery and the comfort found in being alone, that being solo works. more on the record



Spring 2014 | Dates | Photo Album

Happy First Day of June!

I can't believe that it has been six months since my last correspondence with all of you. It has been a wonderful winter full of travel, volunteer and professional work.
I spent three weeks in Tanzania and South Africa in February and March; returning to the Majengo Orphanage in Mto Wa Mbu to play and sing with the children.

Tomorrow night - yes, TOMORROW NIGHT! There is a very special event happening in Toronto and I will be there, along with the wonderful David Woodhead and Doug Wilde.
Apologies for the short notice, I do hope you can join us and learn more about Majengo. Really what excuse do you have? Now that the weather is nice why not hop on a bike, take the TTC or simply stroll on over to:

Monday, June 2nd
TORONTO: 203 Crawford St 
(west side of Trinity Bellwoods Park, 3 blocks north of Queen St W.)
5:30 to 8:30 pm


Live music, delicious African food, stories from the ground - catch up on what's happening at Majengo! Jewellery, original drawings from the kids, and more -

For those of you who live further afield or if you can't make it out tomorrow but are interested in supporting Majengo, please go to the web site for information on how you can make a donation.

* My other exciting news is that I have been hard at work on another CD due to be released this fall. It is called SOLOWORKS and I can't wait to share the new tunes with you all!


FALL 2013 | Dates | Photo Album

Yes folks,
I am holding true to my promise to play at least one Toronto show a month, so tomorrow night  ( Oct. 22) I'll be back at The Tranzac Club in the Southern Cross Room.
Joining me are the illustrious Doug Wilde and David Woodhead. Together we guarantee you a bevy of brews, instrumental exotica, and old and new tunes galore.
Please do join us.

P.S. There are more shows coming in Toronto, Vancouver, Restoule, Sudbury and St. John's , NFLD check the tour dates page for details,


SUMMER 2013 | Dates | Photo Album

I hope that you're all having a wonderful summer, with much relaxing in the sun.

My summer is a bit busy with music and travel, but it's all fun, and I've even been able to bake pies from my own sour cherries. Sour cherries being much more satisfying than sour grapes.

I got to spend a week in the Yukon, spending some of it visiting with my youngest son, and some of it playing music. It was my first time to the Yukon, and I recommend it highly.

This week I'm a bit closer to home. On Wednesday night I have a gig at Graffiti's in Toronto's Kensington Market. This will be a special show for me, as I'm reuniting with Jason Fowler and David Woodhead; we haven't performed together in a long time, and we'll be doing a selection of our old repertoire as well as some new compositions and some new cover tunes.

August 20 I'll be at the TRANZAC club on Brunswick Ave in Toronto, and on August 29 I'm back at Graffiti's. I love having gigs I can walk to.

On the other hand, it's nice to travel too, and on August 3rd I'll be at the Blue Skies Festival, performing with Evalyn Parry in her marvellous show SPIN.

The next day I fly to Calgary to play with Jim Cuddy in a flood relief benefit concert, and then we head to Canmore Folk Festival August 5. I'm sure that everyone in Alberta knows what a great festival Canmore has; if you happen to be thinking of travelling out that way this summer be sure to put Canmore on your itinerary.

Another show that I'd like to bring to your attention is on August 18, at the Haliburton Forest Festival. David Woodhead's wonderful band Confabulation is doing a matinee performance at the Historic Logging Museum. Both Confabulation and the Forest Festival are very special to me and I know you'd enjoy listening to great music in such a beautiful location.



MAR 2013 | Dates | Photo Album

Spring Has Sprung!

I know it's hard to believe but the signs are there, though somewhat hidden by the snow squalls. 
This is a quick reminder of my first gig of spring - tomorrow night and some fiddle sessions that I'm hosting on Sunday.
Saturday, March 23, I'll be in Dundas, ON at the Dundas Legion Hall for a private "all ages" show. Please contact Colin Pfeiffer at 905-627-6930 or to reserve tickets. This is a chance to bring out all your young and aspiring fiddler friends. Who knows, they might even get to play a nyckelharpa! Charles James will be joining me on this show - he's half my age and a triple threat talent on piano, acoustic and electric bass.
I'm hosting two group fiddle sessions this Sunday, March 24 - a slow session at 3PM and a faster one at 4:15PM at 260 Major St., Toronto, 1/2 block south of Bloor, 2 blocks west of Spadina and Bloor. All are welcome.

A little further in the distance, on Sunday, April 14, I will be returning to Grand Valley withmy good friend and master of the truly Canadian folksong - Alex Sinclair for an afternoon concert at Knox Presbyterian Church. The church has wonderful acoustics and Alex and I both have roots in the area so they didn't have to twist our arms very hard to get us to come back. With any luck the river will be running high, the daffodils in bloom, making it a perfect day for a country concert.
Hope to see you soon,

FEB 2013 | Dates | Photo Album

Happy Valentine’s Day xoxo

Here's what I'm up to over the next month or so:
I've been participating in a fund raising initiative for Olympic athletes called "Gold Medal Plates" for the past five years. To raise funds, they auction off trips to spectacular locations like Tuscany, Provence and Chile, where the lucky bidders get to cycle/hike/hang with Olympians and enjoy a concert or two by stellar Canadian musicians such as Jim Cuddy, Ed Robertson, Sam Roberts and (dare I say it?) myself.
This year I was invited to participate in the South Africa trip and decided to extend the experience by first visiting Tanzania where my friend and neighbour, Lynn Connell, has founded an orphanage, Majengo, in the village of Mto Wa Mbu. I'll be volunteering at the orphanage, singing and playing with the kids. To read more about this wonderful project, please visit:
If I can possibly tear myself away from the kids, I'll be heading to Capetown in early March to meet up with Jim, Ed and Sam to play a couple of concerts for the Gold Medal Plates folks.
I have no doubt that this trip will be a study in contrasts and am ever grateful for the wonderful opportunities that my musical gift provides, allowing me to forge new friendships and explore this amazing planet.

Upon my return, I have a few special shows to share:

Tannis Slimmon is one of my favourite singers and human beings in the whole wide world and she is releasing her third CD at Hugh's Room on Wednesday, March 13. I played on the CD and am delighted to be part of her supporting cast that night.

On St. Paddy's Day, Sunday, March 17, I'll be joining the choir at Glebe United Church, 20 Glebe Rd, Toronto, ON. The choir is conducted by the marvelous Maria Case with whom I worked last December as part of the Annex Singers' December Diaries concert.

On Saturday, March 23, I'll be in Dundas, ON at the Dundas Legion Hall for a private "all ages" show. Please contact Colin Pfeiffer at 905-627-6930 or to reserve tickets. This is a chance to bring out all your young and aspiring fiddler friends. Who knows, they might even get to play a nyckelharpa! Charles James will be joining me on this show - he's half my age and a triple threat talent on piano, acoustic and electric bass.

A little further in the distance, on Sunday, April 14, I will be returning to Grand Valley withmy good friend and master of the truly Canadian folksong - Alex Sinclair for an afternoon concert at Knox Presbyterian Church. The church has wonderful acoustics and Alex and I both have roots in the area so they didn't have to twist our arms very hard to get us to come back. With any luck the river will be running high, the daffodils in bloom, making it a perfect day for a country concert.

Open your heart and have fun treating yourself and the ones you love.


JULY 2012 | Dates | Photo Album

Well hello – and a very happy Canada Day to you all.

It feels like a long time since I've sent out any news, and I guess that's because it HAS been a long time. Not that there hasn't been news.

I spent a big chunk of the winter and early spring travelling back and forth across this beautiful country with Jim Cuddy and his band. This was a great tour; I know I always say that, but this band was really special. I hope that a bunch of you got a chance to see us somewhere along the winding road and that you'll agree with my assessment of the band and the music.

For part of the tour I spent hours curled up on the bus with my laptop and headphones, writing orchestral arrangements for several of Jim's songs. We had a gig with the London Ontario symphony this spring, and though I've done string arrangements galore, this was the first time I've had a chance to do full orchestrations. Quite a challenge, but it made it an extra thrill to play along with the symphony.

After so much travelling within Canada, I then hopped on a plane to Finland to do a little cultural exchanging. The Ontario Arts Council had given me a grant to travel to Scandinavia and study Nordic fiddles, and I finally had enough time in my schedule to take advantage of it. The month of March saw me in Finland, Norway and Sweden. I got to do a little relaxing in the far north of Finland, holed up in a remote cabin, cross-country skiing, reading Finnish sagas and writing fiddle tunes, some with a distinctly Nordic flavour. I also traded techniques and teaching tips with a number of marvellous players in all three countries, participating in classes and workshops at some of their prestigious schools of folk music. Scandinavia seems to extend a bit more respect to the folk arts than we do here, which is one aspect of the cultural exchange that I'd like to bring back to Canada.

Then I went to Italy with Jim Cuddy and the Gold Medal Plates team (a fundraising effort on behalf of Canada's Olympic athletes that Jim and I have been involved with for several years). Two weeks of cycling, wine drinking, and fiddle playing. That's a lifestyle to which we all should become accustomed. A bicycle/fiddle tour through some of Canada's wine regions is something that the arts councils and tourist associations of Canada should start promoting. And should they need a poster girl...

Now the summer is upon us – with a vengeance in some parts of Canada. I’ve been working on a bunch of new solo works and will be premiering them at several shows over the summer and fall. And the most exciting news of all is that I’ll be recording a new CD to be released late 2012/early 2013!

Hope to see you at one of these shows over the summer. I also have a variety of gigs with Jim Cuddy over the summer, starting with the Stan Rogers Folk Festival in Canso, Nova Scotia tomorrow night. For more dates and details go to:

 All the best,

NOVEMBER 2011 | Dates | Photo Album

I am currently in Halifax on tour with the Jim Cuddy Band, enjoying the blustery beauty of the first snow fall of the year and I have some exciting news to share:

I have won the  2011 OCFF Songs From The Heart – Instrumental Award for the song"May Our Minds Meet (Namaste)" - a co-write with my son, Tosh Weyman.
You can listen to our song at:

I've also been nominated for the 2011 Canadian Folk Music Awards – Instrumental Solo Artist of the Year  and am sharing the honour with some very fine players. You can check all of us out at

And best of all, I have two Toronto shows coming up in the very near future! Thank you all for waiting so patiently while I gallivanted around the country this fall,

Wednesday, Dec. 7 - 6:30pm

Anne Lindsay & Emilyn Stam
Paul Hahn & Co.
1058 Yonge St. ( across from Rosedale subway station)
RSVP to or call 416.922.3122

Sunday, Dec. 11 - 7pm

Anne Lindsay (with Charlie James and Emilyn Stam)
Toronto House Concert (near Bloor and Spadina)
Please email to reserve seats.
Limited seating so reserve now to avoid disappointment!

The Gift of Music - You can order CDs and books on line at CD Baby and Maple Music, or direct from me at Order early to relieve stress at Canada Post.
"Hurry on Home is a sparkling set of varying styles, mostly self-penned, that constantly springs surprises as a piece goes off in an unexpected direction. Thoroughly entertaining and sometimes scarily beautiful."
R2  (formerly Rock 'n Reel)
"Thoroughly cosmopolitan, yet equally rooted in the traditional music of Canada, Hurry On Home really is one to hurry home for."
Penguin Eggs


SEPTEMBER 2011 | Dates | Photo Album

How time flies; I can't believe that it's September already. I wanted to let you know about some Southern Ontario shows that I have coming up in the next month. This might just be the chance for you to bundle up and take a drive in the country to check out the fall colours or pick a pumpkin.

If you feel like staying cozy and warm inside tonight, you can watch me playing at the Geminis with Jim Cuddy (CBC TV @ 8pm). Jim's got a great new CD coming out at the end of this month. We will also be appearing at the CCMAs ( Canadian Country Music Awards) next Monday, September 12 on CBC TV.

I'm delighted to be working with two marvelous young performers ( Emilyn Stam, piano and Charlie James, bass) on these upcoming shows. I hope you can make it out to hear their manifold talents, we're certainly having fun making music together!

JULY 2011 | Dates | Photo Album

Happy July,

I've just returned from an amazing week in Smithers, BC, teaching at Northwest Fiddlefest. What a joy to work  with such an inspired community. I had the privilege of seeing and hearing the legacy of Creative Canadian Fiddle music, initially nurtured by Oliver Schroer and now carried forward by James Stephens, Emilyn Stam and Gordon Stobbe.

Here are a few "local" shows I have in the next week. Apologies for not reminding you about my Beaches Jazz Festival gig last weekend, sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day. I love my Ontario fans and appreciate your support so much - hope to see you out at one or t'other of these dates. For those of you who live further afield, you can rest assured that I'll be crossing the country again before long as the Jim Cuddy Band has a new CD coming out at the end of September.

In the mean time, please do a little rain dance for those of us in southern Ontario ( and other parts of the planet) that are longing for showers, both of my gardens, urban and country are parched!


Jan 2011 | Dates | Photo Album


CD Release Concert - Toronto

Happy New Year to all.
I'm hoping that you can come out (at least those of you within striking distance of Toronto) and chase your winter blues away at my CD release concert for Hurry On Home, on Tuesday January 25 at Gallery 345. Here are all the details:

Anne Lindsay will launch her new CD, Hurry On Home in concert at Gallery 345 in Toronto on Tuesday, January 25 @ 8PM. DATES

A who's who of the Canadian contemporary music scene will accompany me - Jim Cuddy (Blue Rodeo), Aaron Davis (Holly Cole), David Woodhead (James Keelaghan), Michael Johnston (Skydiggers), Jaron Freeman-Fox, Jason Fowler (John McDermott), Joe Macerollo, Andy Hillhouse ( Pierre Schryer) Tosh Weyman and Colleen Allen (Molly Johnson).

Who: ANNE LINDSAY (that's me!)

Where:  Gallery 345, 345 Sorauren Ave. (east of Roncesvalles Ave, south of Dundas St.) Toronto, 416-822-9781
What: rootsy fiddle tunes, sultry jazz and a hip hop beat ? Toronto?s award?winning violinist launches her new CD Hurry On Home with a who?s who of the Canadian contemporary music scene.

When: Tuesday, January 25 at 8pm

How much: $20 / $15 seniors/ $10 students

Please note that the Gallery doesn't accept credit cards, so it's cash only, at the door - but they will take reservations if you give them a call.
And there's a lovely exhibition of 19th century photographs by Carlo Naya in the Gallery , so come early and wander around.


Nov 2010



Aren't these last days of autumn glorious? While I was tilling up the garden last Sunday - putting it to rest for a long winter's nap - I found myself marveling at the possibilities of how I might fill the hour we gained when we set back the clocks. My friend Ian Tamblyn's song, The 25th Hour of the Day came to mind so I've included it at the end of this email - enjoy.

And now for my big news:
Well, I've finally done it! My third CD - Hurry on Home, will be released in January 2011. It only took me 3 years, but I'm a firm believer that things always take just as long as they need to. The album is a collection of duets and trios with some of my favourite musicians, including Jason Fowler, Colleen Allen, David Woodhead, Emilyn Stam, Jaron Freeman-Fox, Jim Cuddy, Aaron Davis, George Koller, Michael Johnston, and my son and co-producer Tosh Weyman. Mostly original compositions, along with a few from friends like Oliver Schroer and Kurt Swinghammer, there's a lot of inspiring musical dialogue here. The intimacy of the duet/trio format lends a clarity to the sound and a freedom to the performances; we're calling the result 'chamber fiddle music'.

I'll be touring Southern Ontario in February/March to celebrate the release, but as a special treat to all you wonderful supporters of my music I'm offering you an exclusive opportunity to purchase Hurry on Home - hot off the press and just in time for the season of giving.

You can purchase by mail; just send a cheque for $20.00 with your address to:

Violindsay Music
260 Major St.
Toronto, ON M5S 2L6

I'll pay the postage and the much-loved HST and you can rest assured that you've made my dog Cali overjoyed that she's getting another walk to the post office!

There's a 10% discount on bulk orders of 3 or more CDs, for example:
3 CDs = $54.00
4 CDs = $72.00
5 CDs = $ 90.00

For folks in the GTA,(or anyone who doesn't want to sponsor Canada Post),  I'll be hosting an open house on Sunday, December 12, from 4 - 6 pm. at 260 Major St., Toronto near Bloor and Spadina. Please drop by for a mug of cider; I'll be fresh off a plane from India so you might get some tales from my travels and an autograph on your CD!

Thanks to all of you for all your support – I don't know what I'd do without you.




25th Hour of the Day

In the 25th hour of the day I made my peace
And in that time allowed I unveiled a masterpiece
All the lessons they were learned
All the lost had been returned
All debts were repaid
In that glorious hour of the day.

And in the 25th hour of the day all was done
No stone was left unturned, no song unsung
Not one lingering 'might have been',
Or 'If I could do it over again'
For in that hour 'over again' was easily  arranged.

In the 25th hour of the day I closed my book
And for the first time in many years I had a chance to look around me
No one calling on the phone - oh my god how the boys have grown...
But it was not too late, in that glorious hour of the day.

And in the 25th hour of the day all was revealed
And though you may not believe, all wounds were healed
And in that hour  the lost were found
So we walked to higher ground
And there watched the sun refuse to go down
In that glorious hour of the day.

In the 25th hour of the day I made my peace.

Ian Tamblyn
Sea Lynx Music

August 2010

As Toronto slowly sinks into a pool of melted asphalt, I thought I’d send a quick note about some upcoming Anne Lindsay events.

I'm in the studio these days (well, it’s air-conditioned there, and quiet) starting work on CD #3, a series of duets with some of my favourite musical friends. It’s going really well, and I’m excited about getting it finished by fall. There’s something magical about the interplay of two instruments, two musicians. It’ll be a mix of songs and instrumentals and will reflect some of the journeys of the heart and mind I’ve been on this year.

There's a smattering of gigs in the next few weeks to round out the summer and then it's fresh pencils, empty nests and new adventures, travel and harvest time!

My dear friend Emilyn Stam, one of my duet partners on the new CD, is one of those flying out of Toronto in a few weeks. She's giving a farewell concert at Hugh's Room next Tuesday, August 10, please come out and enjoy! See concert notice below.

My upcoming shows:

with the Jim Cuddy Band:
Aug. 15, Ottawa Folk Festival

with Blue Rodeo:
Aug. 26, Molson Amphitheatre

with the Jim Cuddy Band:
September 10, Don Mills, ON
Festival In The Square, Don Mills & Lawrence Shopping Centre 

with Ron Nigrini:
Sept. 11, Hugh's Room, Toronto ON

Anne Lindsay & Alex Sinclair:
Sunday, September 12, 2 PM
Knox Presbyterian Church
Grand Valley, ON

I'm performing again in the Leonard Cohen tribute:
A Thousand Kisses Deep
October 6, Gravenhurst Opera House

October 7 & 8, Hugh's Room, Toronto
A Thousand Kisses Deep

And here’s some info about Emilyn’s show:
Emilyn and Friends: Goodbye Canada

with Jaron Freeman-Fox, Charles James, Matt Maclean and other special guests
Hugh's Room, Toronto
August 10, 2010
8:30 PM

regular: $15 in advance /$17 at the door
students: $10 in advance/$12 at the door

Emilyn is known as one of Canada's best fiddle accompanists on piano, having invented an accompanying style to her own, and is one of Canada's up and coming young instrumentalists, combining both tradition and inspiration to create a living music. Her emotive piano playing has touched all corners of this country, and has been described as having the excitement of an orchestral arrangement while remaining sensitive and tasteful.
Before leaving Toronto for long term study in Europe, Emilyn is holding one last farewell concert with some of her musical friends.
Joining Emilyn (piano) will be her closest musical collaborator, Jaron Freeman-Fox (violin), the other half of her "chamber-trad" duo that has a ten year history of writing and performing together, as well as promoting the music of Oliver Schroer. 
Also playing will be Emilyn's unique new quartet, with Jaron, Charles James (bass), and Matt Maclean (trumpet) other special guests! 
This evening will showcase the interesting places Emilyn's music has gone over the past few years, including intuitive improvisation with Jaron, beautiful, groovy and magical arrangements of originals and Oliver Schroer's music with her quartet (Jaron, Charles and Matt), and moving and poignant solo piano pieces like that from her debut album Holding Time (2008). 

Hope that you’re having a great summer,

Anne Lindsay

June 2010

I always delight in a long cool spring even if it's a bit alarming to have it all happening so early this year. I am concerned about how dry it is – some say it’s the driest spring on record for years. So, I'm going to do my bit to encourage rainfall for all the farmers, gardeners, birds, frogs, worms, etc. by performing two great shows of live rain-making-type music this weekend. I invite you to come out and join in the dance. They’re indoor shows, so you won’t need a poncho.

Both shows are this Saturday, May 1st. At noon, I'll be performing at the Footprints Conference at the University of Waterloo - this is a fascinating forum exploring the value of sport to society. Other than all the betting pools whirling around the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Then, that evening Jason Fowler and I will be performing at The Newmarket Folk Society's final concert of this season:
Trinity United Church, 461 Park Avenue (corner of Park and Main Street) (Gymnasium )

Next week, I'm off to Europe for shows in Italy with Jim Cuddy, and Spain with Barney Bentall. Life is tough ...

In June I'll be continuing my collaboration with Blue Rodeo on tour in the United States.

Tue-Jun-01        Boston, MA               Harpers Ferry
 Wed-Jun-02       Philadelphia, PA       Johnny Brendas

 Fri-Jun-04          New York, NY            Bowery Ballroom
 Sat-Jun-05         Arlington, VA             IOTA Club and Café

 Mon-Jun-07        Carrboro, NC           Arts Center in Carrboro
 Tue-Jun-08         Atlanta, GA              Smith's Olde Bar

 Thu-Jun-10        St. Louis, MO           Twangfest
 Fri-Jun-11          Minneapolis, MN      Varsity Theatre
 Sat-Jun-12         Chicago, IL               Martyr's

 Tue-Jun-22         Los Angeles, CA     The Mint
 Wed-Jun-23        San Francisco, CA  The Independent

 Fri-Jun-25           Portland, OR           Mississippi Studios
 Sat-Jun-26          Seattle, WA            Nordstrom Recital Hall

And in the middle of all that, I’ll be back in the GTA with Jim Cuddy’s band:

Sat June 19     JCB    Mississauga, ON    Mississauga Waterfront Festival @ Memorial Park, Port Credit

I can't believe how the year is speeding along. I've had so many great musical adventures in the past few months all across this big, beautiful country. So much to be grateful for. (So, you ask, why do I want it to rain on the rest of you?)

Enjoy the long days as the we race towards the equinox  - remember, from there it’s all downhill to Christmas - and revel in the hope that always comes with spring.

Peace and joy,

JAN 2010

Happy New Year!

Just a very quick note to say that I hope that all of you have had, and continue to have, a very happy holiday with family and friends, and that the new year brings much joy.

After a most enjoyable time with my own family up in the snowy hills of Mono, I'm packing for an extended tour of Canada with Blue Rodeo. They're bringing along a small string section to cover the parts that I wrote for their new CD (you can hear us on One Light Left in Heaven, which is getting good airplay across the nation). The tour takes us to most parts of Canada, and I'm really looking forward to what promises to be the longest road trip
of my career.

As a musician I have both the real road trips and the metaphorical road trip. I have been blessed with many opportunities in my career, and have been helped along the way by countless people. To those of you who have shared stages and studios with me, entwining your music with mine - thanks, and may we soon be playing together again.

To those who have done all the unsung work of presenting concerts and and running venues, and opening your homes to musicians of every stripe - we couldn't do this without you.

And to those who buy the tickets and find baby-sitters and make space in your busy lives to come out to shows, you give us the greatest gift of all – ears and minds and hearts to hold the music that we make.

When I started out as a performer way back in my teens, even my wildest dreams weren't big enough to imagine how much fun it would be. So here's a toast: Long may we run.

And while our glasses are in our hands, let's also toast all our athletes as they head to Vancouver: May their paths be paved with gold.


AUG 2009

Time for a good caesar...

What a glorious summer this has been. Toronto, at least, has been cool and rainy all through June and July, which has made for very green and luscious gardens and flowers that last forever. Plus, it was a lot easier to handle the brief garbage strike ...

I spent the first week of August as musical host of a Voyageur canoe trip from Rossport to Red Rock on Lake Superior. Canoeing on Lake Superior is a great experience and I highly recommend it. This particular trip is run by Naturally Superior, and is designed to arrive in Red Rock in time for the Live From the Rock festival. There were 14 of us in the boat, so the paddling wasn’t too bad, and we saw dozens of bald eagles, a couple of moose, and some lovely scenery along the way, including petroglyphs at the Nipigon River.

Live From the Rock was its normal fabulous self – it is always a treat to play at that festival. And I got to debut my new solo show String.Sound.Poetry. It was a little scary, but I loved the freedom, as well as the pressure, of having the stage all to myself for awhile. This is definitely a project that I’ll be putting a lot of time and thought into in the future.

Speaking of the new solo show, I’ll be doing it again this weekend at the Forest Festival in Haliburton on August 23. The festival includes the Porkbelly Futures (with Paul Quarrington, Rebecca Campbell et al), Stuart Laughton and the Forest Festival Brass, as well as me both solo and with Jason Fowler, a wolf howl and a Wild Wood Sculpture Walk. I think this sounds like a really fun weekend. 

Looking ahead to the fall, I’ve got a wonderful assortment of gigs coming up with Jim Cuddy, Ron Nigrini, my own band and “A Thousand Kisses Deep” - a tribute to Leonard Cohen. Please check out the list below for dates and details.

Speaking of cool and rainy, Toronto today is unbelievably hot, humid, and yes – rainy. But the pools are open and the air-conditioners on stun, and winter is just a season away. Enjoy the perspiration while you can.


MAY 2009

Thoughts on a Rainy Afternoon

May showers are rattling on my roof, and nothing seems to be leaking, so I can forego running around with pots and pans and spend some time getting out a bit of news.

First, the show that was booked for Knox Acoustic Café in Owen Sound for this Saturday, May 30, has been cancelled.

The next closest place I'm playing is in Waterloo at the Sound in Lands festival on Saturday, June 6.  It takes place in the Great Hall at Conrad Grebel College, University of Waterloo, at 8:30 pm – I’ll be part of a chamber music ensemble (with Rebecca Campbell – one of my all time favourite singers), performing a contemporary classical piece by Carol Ann Weaver with a lot of African influences - very cool.

Saturday June 13, I’ll be at Hugh’s Room in Toronto as part of "The Cake Parade" - Oliver Schroer's Musical Birthday

Here’s how David Woodhead describes the evening:
Bringing together the reaches of Oliver’s musical universe, many of his collaborators are celebrating his birthday in the most appropriate way: by playing his music! From slightly bent Ontario-style fiddle tunes to Balkan-influenced hi-energy band pieces, and to the rich and confident simplicity of his later work, it’s all here. There is such a rich repertoire to draw from! And these are the folks to do it - members of Oli’s Stewed Tomatoes band, representatives of the younger generation who he had taken under his wing, and spoken word contributors. For those wondering, “The Cake Parade” is a tune from Oliver’s “Smithers” CD - commemorating his fiftieth birthday in the town of Smithers, BC,  when fifty kids appeared out of nowhere bearing fifty cakes. We’re not promising that much cake, but there will be surprises!

Saturday, June 20, I’ll be at Saugeen Summer Nights, River Place Park, Ayton ON with the Jim Cuddy Band

Saturday June 27 Jason Fowler and I will be playing at the opening celebrations for the new Centre Hastings Arts Centre in Madoc ON

As part of the celebrations, I’ll be holding a fiddle workshop during the day. If you’re in the area and want to brush up your skills, I’d be delighted to work with you on some tunes from the modern Canadian fiddle repertoire.

July 11 will see me at the CNIB camp on Lake Joseph, doing the swimming leg of a triathlon in partnership with Jim Cuddy. It’s a fundraiser for cancer research at Princess Margaret Hospital. After the race, Jim and the band will be doing an unplugged concert.

July 17, Jason and I will be at the Home County Folk Festival in London ON

The first week of August, I’ll be hosting a Voyageur Canoe Trip from Rossport to Red Rock on the north shore of Lake Superior. We’ll end the trip by padding into the Live From the Rock folk festival where I’ll be debuting my new solo show.

August 21, Jason and I be appearing at the Forest Festival in Haliburton and on August 23 I’ll be doing my solo show there.

In between shows, I’ll be digging into the dirt of my garden, and digging into the new tunes I’m working on. Bring on the sun.


MARCH 2009

Spring Awakenings!

Hi. Just back from a weekend of pruning fruit trees and listening to the cardinals sing in the hills of Mono, and I thought I should let you know what’s coming up over the next little while.

For those of you in the Mono area, or anywhere a bit north of Toronto, Andy Hillhouse and I will be at the Millpond Café in Alliston this coming Saturday, March 28. Because I’ll be there during Earth Hour, I’ve requested that we play an unplugged show, so we’re packing some extra candles and doing lots of voice exercises.

And here’s a link with info about Earth Hour on March 28 :

The Lightfoot tribute show that I was part of back in January will be broadcast on CBC Canada Live on Wednesday, April 1, 2009.

In May, I’ll be heading to Florenceville , NB to celebrate 30 years of their local arts council with Eleanor McCain. She’s a wonderful singer and it’s always a pleasure to be part of her shows.

For those of you who think that there should be more swim suits in live music, July 11 will see me at the CNIB camp on Lake Joseph, doing the swimming leg of a triathlon in partnership with Jim Cuddy. It’s a fundraiser for cancer research at Princess Margaret Hospital. Apparently Barney Bentall may be doing the bicycle portion. If Jim can find one more partner he’ll be able to do the whole triathlon from the sidelines but for now it looks like he’ll be doing the 5K run.  After the race, Jim and the band will be doing an unplugged concert.

In August, I’ll be hosting a Voyageur Canoe Trip from Rossport to Red Rock on the north shore of Lake Superior. We’ll end the trip by padding into the Live from the Rock folk festival where I’ll be debuting my new solo show.

Later in August I’ll be appearing at the Forest Festival in Haliburton, it has one of the most magical performance settings I’ve ever encountered, including a floating stage.  This is where a number of R. Murray Schafer’s operas have been performed and is also home to a wolf reserve, an ecologically managed forest and a “Walk in the Clouds” forest canopy adventure.

As much as I love my bustling, multicultural, totally happening home base of Toronto I’m always excited and grateful for the many adventures my musical path takes me on and it looks like the next few months will be no exception.

Enjoy these days of sun and showers, wind and flowers, and come and say Hi at a show.

Click here for upcoming shows!


P.S. This just in - I have the honour again this year of being nominated for VIOLINIST OF THE YEAR in the National Jazz Awards. If you choose to support my nomination (which would be great!), please note that you must answer ALL questions in order for your vote to count; i.e., select "None of the above" in order to skip any question.  If any category is missing a vote - then your ENTIRE vote does not count.

For those of you who are interested, here is the direct link:

DEC 2008

Seasons Greetings!

Well, I’m finally home from a busy fall of touring and happy to have a few shows in town this month with my good friend, awesome fretless bass player and innovative composer/producer, David Woodhead - Dec. 4 and 12 at the Tranzac Club (more dates)

2008 has been a year of passage and loss but along with this comes renewed faith, and belief in continuity and community.

I have been fortunate to work with so many talented youth this year: all the participants at the Fiddleworks camp on Salt Spring Island, members of the Twisted String from British Columbia, the STEP fiddlers in St. John’s, and last but not least, Chelsea Sleep, Emilyn Stam and Jaron Freeman Fox ( Oliver Schroer’s protégés). Emilyn and Jaron have moved to Toronto and will be performing with me, David Woodhead and Rich Greenspoon at the Tranzac on Dec. 4 and 12.

In November, Emilyn and I traveled to St. John’s, Newfoundland to perform at the Canadian Folk Music Awards. We were part of a special tribute to Oliver Schroer, Canada’s tallest free standing fiddler, who passed on in July. His album, Hymns and Hers had four nominations and ended up with two awards – Instrumental Solo Artist of the Year and Pushing The Boundaries. It was an honour to be there with Emilyn to accept one of these awards on his behalf and to teach Christina Smith’s group, the STEP fiddlers, a couple of his tunes which they then performed at the awards ceremony.

The Jim Cuddy Band had a rocking time opening up for Sheryl Crow on her Canadian tour this fall and then Jim and I performed at a series of Gold Medal Plates fundraising events for Canada’s Olympic athletes. Kathleen Edwards joined us in the east and Barney Bentall came on board for the western Canada shows - a good time for a good cause. It was fun to meet so many athletes and chat about their training/performance; I’d never realized how many parallels there are between musicians and athletes. Valentine’s Day is coming and guess where I’ll be? Playing at Massey Hall with the Jim Cuddy Band – what more could a girl ask for?

Lately I’ve been enjoying a return to teaching. For years I’ve been too busy performing and parenting to fit in many students so I’ve been delighted to be involved in several workshops this past year. I hate turning down requests for lessons so fiddlers/ violinists take note:
I will be teaching at the Winter Folk Camp in Haliburton on March 6,7 and 8, 2009. Check out their web site, pack up your fiddle and your woolies and head up north for a tune filled weekend with some very talented and fun “folks”. As well as leading workshops and sessions, Jason Fowler and I will be performing in concert the evening of Saturday, March 7, 2009.

The very fun, Olitunes Workshops, led by Emilyn Stam and Jaron Freeman Fox ( with myself joining when I’m in town) will be continuing in the New Year. And if you’re really persistent (and able to accommodate my touring schedule), I might even be able to squeeze in a private lesson or two.

Here’s a list of upcoming shows, with more details available on the dates page. I hope to see you somewhere along the road and wish you all the best of the season,

Peace and love,

AUG 2008

News from the end of summer...

A bittersweet summer slides towards September. I – and a whole lot of other people – lost a dear friend, mentor, and well-spring of inspiration when Oliver Schroer passed away in July. He leaves behind a wealth of wonderful music, and a soaring spirit that will live on in everyone who ever knew him or even heard him play.

 One of the continuing joys in my life are the connections he made for me with Twisted String – the stellar students from BC who are carrying on Oliver’s energy and creativity. I’ve been playing with Emilyn Stam here in Toronto, and I got to work with several more Twisted Strings last week at the Fiddleworks Camp on Salt Spring Island. Many thanks to Zav rt for inviting me to come and participate in the camp – it was a wonderful experience.

I had a couple of great gigs with my full band this summer – the Beaches Jazz Festival in Toronto and the Huntsville Festival of the Arts. There are a couple more full band gigs coming up in the Toronto area in September, so I wanted to get the word out. Then I head across the country (well, the western part of it at least) with Jim Cuddy – his band is opening for Sheryl Crow and that promises to be a lot of fun. Check the dates page for more.

Here in Ontario it has been a fairly damp sort of summer. Opportunities for tanning have been limited, but the water table is back up, the lakes are full again, the trees are happy, and the gardens are lush and green (the way we hope the country will look after the next election).


All over the map

Well you'd never know it from the cool damp weather that's been blanketing southern Ontario for the past kajillion weeks but summer is coming. Personally, I love a spring like this because it means we get to enjoy all the spring flowers and blossoms for longer, but rest assured that summer is just around the corner.           

I have some shows in the near future that I'd like to let you know about: dates

I’ll also be touring with both Jim Cuddy and John McDermott over the next few months – check out their web sites for details.

When I'm not on the road, I'll be weeding my garden, perspiring - and pondering the joys of winter.

APRIL 2008

Olifiddle Broadcast on CBC

 The wonderful Olifiddle 2 concert from Hugh’s Room back in February will be broadcast on Monday April 7 at    8 pm on Canada Live, on CBC Radio 2. Tune in for two hours of great performances and interviews featuring the likes of James Keelaghan, The Stewed Tomatoes, jaime rt, The Twisted String – and more, including Oliver himself.

If you were there, you can revel in the memories. If you weren’t there, you can hear what you now don’t have to miss.


MARCH 2008

Here’s to a green weekend...

They say no news is good news. Well, my good news is that I’ve had a whole week off to enjoy the fresh-fallen snow with my family. We’ve been skiing and snowshoeing to our hearts’ content and life seems pretty darn fine.

As March Break devolves into St. Patrick’s weekend, and as rain gradually washes away our winter, I did want to take one last opportunity to mention the National Jazz Awards. The deadline for voting is this Sunday evening.

As you will remember from previous postings, I have the honour again this year of being nominated for VIOLINIST OF THE YEAR in the National Jazz Awards. They will be presented at a gala ceremony at the Palais Royale in Toronto on April 8. If you choose to support my nomination (and it was the support of my fans that helped me win this award in 2007) please note that you must answer ALL questions in order for your vote to count; i.e., select "None of the above" in order to skip any question. If any category is missing a vote - then your ENTIRE vote does not count. For those of you who are interested, here is the direct link:

And however you choose to spend your weekend, enjoy these last few days of winter – it won’t be back for three whole seasons.



The snow has stopped falling here in Toronto for fifteen minutes, so I thought I’d get this ready in case the e-postman makes it through the slush. Jason and I had a lovely gig at Ottawa’s new GCTC theatre last week; it’s a beautiful room and the Ottawa fans are always a treat to play for. And we squeezed in a little recording session with our friend Ian Tamblyn as well. Now we’re into the final days of preparing for next week’s Olifiddle extravaganza at Hugh’s Room, and wanted to remind those of you in these southern parts of Ontario of our other shows this month: dates
I have the honour again this year of being nominated for VIOLINIST OF THE YEAR in the National Jazz Awards. If you choose to support my nomination (which would be great!), please note that you must answer ALL questions in order for your vote to count; i.e., select "None of the above" in order to skip any question.  If any category is missing a vote - then your ENTIRE vote does not count. For those of you who are interested, here is the direct link:


A rare blue sky day in Toronto – the winter has been a touch on the dreary side – and though it’s nowhere near as frigid as the Prairies this week even the natural ice rinks in our city are frozen solid. It’s tempting to lace up the skates, but there are strings to be bowed and lots of new tunes percolating through the fingers. Jason Fowler and I had so much fun with our duo shows last year that we’ve booked a bunch of shows in Ontario over the next few weeks:

Sunday, February 10, 8pm - OTTAWA – at the new GCTC Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre, 1233 Wellington St W (at Holland). Jason and I are being presented by the Ottawa Folk Festival as part of the Acoustic Waves concert series. I’ve heard great things about this theatre as a music venue and we’re really looking forward to playing there. Jason and I are giving up restraint for Lent, so this show will be hot. Tickets are $25 at the GCTC box office, 613-236-5196

Saturday, February 16 – WOODSTOCK – Stonecroft House Concert. Tickets are $20; call 519-423-6797

Sunday, February 17, 4pm – LONDON – Jazz Vespers at St. James Westminster Church, 115 Askin St.

Monday, February 18, 8pm – TORONTO – Olifiddle #2 at Hugh’s Room, 2261 Dundas St W. This is a follow-up to last year’s spectacular series of shows celebrating the work of the marvellous Oliver Schroer. We have a stellar line-up of performers over two nights; check out the Hugh’s Room web site for details on who’s playing when.

Tuesday, February 19, 8 pm – TORONTO – Olifiddle #2 at Hugh’s Room, second show – just as great as the Monday show.

Saturday, March 1, 8pm – INNISFIL
– Innisfil Lion’s Hall. For those of you a little north of the big city.

Sunday, March 2, 7:30pm – TORONTO – Flying Cloud Folk Club at the Tranzac club (Brunswick Ave just south of Bloor). This is a local show – I mean, this is my local pub – just through my back yard and down the alley. The Tranzac is home to some of the best music in Toronto these days and we’re delighted to be back in the back room with the Mariposa concert series. Come on down and make the Tranzac rock.

The summer is starting to fill up with festivals, but we’ll talk about that another day. Get out in the sun as the days lengthen, soak up some vitamins and then come and say Hi at one of our shows.


Dec 2007

Wassail, Wassail

Ah, winter... When was the last time the entire country was under a winter storm watch? Perhaps snow is the one thing that can truly bring this nation together. Mon pays, ce n’est pas un pays, c’est l’hiver.
Last week at the Canadian Folk Music Awards in Ottawa (well, Hull) I was honoured to receive two prizes: Best Instrumentalist, Solo and Producer of the Year (along with my wonderful co-producer, Oliver Schroer) - both for my CD News From up the Street. I was on the snowy road with John McDermott at the time and unable to attend the ceremony, but all reports tell me that it was a lovely evening. Congratulations, and thanks, to all those hard-working volunteers who run the CFMA organization; the Canadian folk community really is a wonderful and supportive family. My awards sit proudly, and beautifully, in my kitchen where they keep watch over the baking of endless Christmas goodies.

                And Oliver’s award will bring some additional cheer to his hospital room where he awaits word of an impending bone marrow transplant in his on-going battle with leukemia. Oliver is keeping busy – he has just released a brand new CD, Hymns and Hers. If you’re looking for Christmas presents, or you just want to stay in touch with one of Canada’s great musicians, check out Oli’s web site:
Here in my site I’ve got 50 ways to sell you my CDs, and you can see what I’m up to in the new year. Until Christmas I’m busy with John McDermott, but in 2008 I’ll be in:

Toronto ON – January 18 – 20
at Hugh’s Room with the annual Lightfoot Tribute
London ON – January 25 at London Music Club
Ottawa ON – February 10
at GCTC’s Acoustic Waves series
Woodstock ON – February 16
at Stonecroft house concerts
London ON – February 17 – Jazz Vespers
Toronto ON – February 18 & 19
Hugh’s Room for Olifiddle #2 – A Celebration of Oliver Schroer and his Music.
Toronto ON – March 2 – Flying Cloud Folk Club

Wishing you peace and joy throughout the holidays and the New Year,

"Anne continues to raise the bar every time she raises her bow" - Steve Lambert CHCH TV
  “Sounds like a conversation with God.”
- Penguin Eggs

Fall 2007

Well, another fabulous summer draws to a close. I had a colourful round of festivals (Ottawa Blues Fest, Blue Skies, Red Rock) and a caravan out West with Jim Cuddy – we toured with John Fogerty in July and we’re just back from Jim’s appearance at the Canadian Country Music Awards in Regina.

I also got to play with my old friend Ron Nigrini at Hugh’s Room in Toronto last weekend. What a
treat to hear his voice and join in on those gorgeous songs again. We used to play together a
lot back in the 70s (I was very young …).

September sees me back in Saskatchewan from the 14th to the 19th with John McDermott. And then some dates in Ontario with Jim Cuddy

The Ontario Council of Folk Festivals (OCFF) is holding their annual conference in London Ontario this year, from Oct. 12 – 14. I’ve been invited to be a Youth Programme Mentor for the Métis Fiddler Quartet. This is a Toronto-based family group who have strong classical backgrounds but also are immersed in the Métis fiddle traditions. I’m really looking forward to spending the weekend working with young people who like to cross over musical boundaries.

There are a couple of weeks late in October when I get to stay home and get ready for winter, but November and December are already packed with John McDermott shows. However, there are a couple of Anne Lindsay dates in there:

November 24 - Café in the Woods, Honora Bay, Manitoulin Island
November 25 - St Andrew’s Place, Sudbury

And of course there are lots of plans for the new year, but let’s think about that later – time is going too fast as it is.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful autumn; enjoy the colours, the cool, fresh air and lots of local produce.


Summer 2007

Anne's summer is already looking hot, with trips to the USA with John McDermott, another shift with the Jim Cuddy Band (including Kingfest near Toronto and the Ottawa Bluesfest, and then a bunch of dates opening for the great John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater fame), and a fine selection of Anne Lindsay shows (including the Toronto City Roots Festival, and Live From the Rock in Red Rock ON).

She's also very busy helping to organize Olifiddle - a wonderful celebration of fiddle master Oliver Schroer. Anne is not only working behind the scenes on this extravaganza but she'll also be on stage for two of the three nights.

During her off minutes, Anne is hoping to get her garden planted in an attempt to offset some of the greenhouse gas emissions generated by the constant touring.

Spring 2007

Anne was voted Violinist of the Year at the 2007 National Jazz Awards. She's now busy planning a celebratory picnic on Toronto Island for all the fans who helped her to win the award.

April sees Anne out on the road with the Jim Cuddy Band, although she'll appear on her own at the Acoustic Harvest anniversary concert in Toronto on April 21, and at a fundraiser for Relessey Church in Mono Centre on May 6. See details on the Dates page.

Check out Anne's new myspace page:

and she is available on now as well!

For Eavesdropping -

For News From Up the Street -

News From Up The Street

Master of a wealth of diverse styles and blessed with a rare talent for improvisation, Anne Lindsay brings all of her skill into fine focus on the 14 powerful tracks of her new CD, News From Up the Street.

He Shoots, He Scores was composed in the stands of the Air Canada Centre in Toronto while Anne fiddled the Toronto Maple Leafs to one of their occasional victories. The Twisty Tune Set would sit comfortably in a Shelburne Fiddle contest in some parallel and slightly bent universe. There are echoes of Afro-pop, and elusive wisps of Finlandia inspired by Anne’s stint in the pit of the Lord of the Rings stage show.

What sets News From Up the Street apart from her first CD is the addition of Anne’s heart-catching vocals. A touch of retro jazz in Gershwin’s The Man I Love, a nod to the folk-jazz of Dan Hicks with the title track News From Up the Street, a rolling version of Ken William’s evocative Wichita Fog – but the gem of the album may well be the first of Anne’s lyrics to be captured on disc, Once I Was in Stockholm.

This magical song takes its melody from Andrew Downing’s tune Stockholm, and Anne’s exquisite lyric transports the listener across oceans into the heart of a yearning young lover. The violin has often been compared with the human voice; Anne’s voice certainly shares with her violin an ability to capture every nuance of emotion.

News From Up the Street marks a major step forward in Anne Lindsay’s remarkable career.

by sending
a $20.00 cheque or money order (CAD) payable to:

Violindsay Music
P.O. Box 68560
360 Bloor St. West
Toronto, ON M5S 1X1


New Album


Winner of the 2011 OCFF "Songs From The Heart" Instrumental Songwriting Award for "May Our Minds Meet (Nameste)"

Nominated for the
Canadian Folk Music Awards
Solo Instrumentalist of the Year 2011

News From Up The Street won two awards at the
2007 Canadian Folk
Music Awards

Best Instrumentalist Solo & Producer of the Year

shared with Oliver Schroer

2007 National Jazz Awards
Violinist of the Year

2006 winner of the
"Songs From The Heart"

Songwriting Award
for her composition



Visit the ALB

“Whether she's laying down Celtic riffs, wailing on a Jim Cuddy set or tugging on a mama's Yiddish
heartstrings, Anne's nuance and passionate style wins her fans wherever she plays.”
- Oliver Schroer

Thoroughly cosmopolitan, yet equally rooted in the traditional music of Canada,
Hurry On Home really is one to hurry home for. – By Richard Thornley for Penguin Eggs

Hurry on Home is a sparkling set of varying styles, mostly self-penned, that constantly springs surprises as a piece goes off in an unexpected direction. Thoroughly entertaining and sometimes scarily beautiful. - R2  (formerly Rock 'n Reel)

"Anne continues to raise the bar every time she raises her bow" - Steve Lambert CHCH TV

“Anne Lindsay is a thoughtful musician, staking out original territory for her violin voice. A consolidation of Lindsay’s work thus far, and a delightful plunge forward....sounds like a conversation with God.”
- Penquin Eggs

“She is just unbelievable.”
- Scene & Heard with Will McGuirk

“Anne Lindsay … cut the night air with a brilliant fiddle solo that proved to be one-third Ashley MacIsaac and two-thirds Jimi-Hendrix.”
-Jeff Macklin, Peterborough Examiner

But luckily, (it took) a powerful jolt of energy from frenetic violist Anne Lindsay on the beautiful ballad, Five Days in May to get Blue Rodeo back on their stride…the crowd roared appreciatively and the boys rode the momentum the rest of the night.
-Derek Tse, Toronto Sun

“Miss Lindsay is a strikingly attractive stage performer as well as a talented singer and jazz violinist.”
-Liam Lacey, The Globe and Mail

“Ottawa audiences were taken with Lindsay’s fiddling, rising to their feet almost every time she put bow to string.”
-Dan Donovan, Ottawa Life

“The languid jazzy, acoustic opening launched a rarefied super jam between Lindsay and Cripps as they traded explosive licks on fiddle and guitar, while Cuddy stood there and marvelled at where these familiar songs had gone.”
-Rick Overall, Ottawa Sun

“Violinist Anne Lindsay endeared herself to those who heard her play with McDermott during the Fiddle Contest last August, but she sparkled on stage in Shelburne.”
-Lana Fleming, Shelburne Examiner

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